Level 1 Learner's License

Level 1 Learner’s License (L1L) is what gives your teen the legal right to drive with someone who is over 21 and holds a valid drivers license. Many people prefer to obtain the L1L as soon as possible, because your teen is required to hold a L1L for at least six months from the date of issuance, before applying for a Level 2 Intermediate License (L2L).

Learn More About Level 1 Learner's License

After your teen completes the Segment 1 driver education course and before you and your teen begin the required 50 hours of supervised driving time, you will need to go to the Secretary of State office to obtain the Level 1 Learner’s License. Many people prefer to obtain the Level 1 License as soon as possible because GDL requires your teen to hold a Level 1 License for at least six months from the date of issuance (found on the upper left corner of the Level 1 License), before applying for a Level 2 Learner’s License. However, it is at the parent’s discretion as to when they will allow their teen to obtain their Level 1 License.

  • Overveiw


    • Must have a Certificate of Completion for Segment 1
    • Must present proof of:
      • A Social Security number or letter of ineligibility
      • U.S. citizenship or legal presence
      • Identity
      • Michigan residency
    • Parent/guardian signature required on application
    • Pass vision screening required by Secretary of State


    • Obtain Level 1 License at a Secretary of State branch office


    • May only drive with licensed parent/guardian or designated licensed adult age 21 or older
    • Parent/guardian or designated adult should sit in the front seat
    • If driving with a designated adult, driver should carry a signed letter of authorization from parent/guardian
    • May not use a cell phone while driving (Kelsey’s Law)
  • Points to Remember

    • Bring the following to a Secretary of State branch office when applying for a Level 1 License:
        – The green Certificate of Completion for Segment 1. The green Certificate of Completion is not a driver’s license.
        – Proof of your teen’s Social Security number, such as a Social Security card, W-2 form or a pay stub, OR a letter of ineligibility from the Social Security Administration.
        – Proof of your teen’s U.S. citizenship or legal presence, such as a certified birth certificate or valid U.S. passport.
        – Proof of your teen’s identity, such as a driver education certificate, school record or yearbook.
        – Proof of your teen’s Michigan residency, such as a high school report card or bank statement. (Residency documents in a family member’s name may be used if the family relationship can be established by other forms of documented proof. For a list of all accepted Social Security, identity, legal presence and residency documents, visit Michigan.gov/TeenDriver.)
    • As the parent or legal guardian, you will need to grant written permission on the Level 1 License application for your teen to obtain the license.
    • Obtain the following from the branch office staff:
        – A validated Level 1 License. There is no fee.
        – A copy of The Parents Supervised Driving Guide (SOS-191), which includes a log for recording the required hours of supervised driving with your teen.
        – A copy of the Your Probationary License Brochure (SOS-215). The Parents Supervised Driving Guide, Your Probationary License Brochure and many other teen driver resources are also available at: Michigan. gov/TeenDriver.
    • After the Level 1 License is issued to your teen, you may cancel it at any time if you believe your teen is not ready to drive under supervision. To cancel the Level 1 License, you will need to go to a Secretary of State branch office, turn in the Level 1 License and sign a Driver License Cancellation form. If the license is lost, stolen or unavailable, as a parent, you must sign a certification stating the reason the license is not available.
    • Teens who have not been previously licensed will be placed on a minimum three-year probationary period beginning when a Level 1 License is issued. Probation is a separate program from GDL. Please see page 23 of this booklet for more information.
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