Private Drives (Teens)

Yes, finally you can drive in the car one-on-one with our instructor.  Work on whatever you need or ask the instructor to test your skills.  This is your time to learn more, put in some hours, or just enjoy some one-on-one with your personal instructor.  Over 18 years old, click here.

Learn More About Private Lessons

Here are the basics.

  • Minimum Age: 14 yrs / 9 months
  • For adult (anyone over 18 yrs. old) lessons click here.
  • Overview


    Wanting Some Extra Drives

    Practice makes perfect!  Practice also help parents not pull out their hair or repeatedly step on the invisible brake on the passenger side of the car! LOL

    • If your not sure if your ready for the adventure of having your teen drive your car, let us get you and them more comfortable.
    • LIFE Driving Academy understands that some teens need a little more practice.
    • We have several Private Lesson packages that will suit your needs.  See Pricing

    Putting In the Hours

    Many times parents can not spend enough behind-the-wheel time with their teens and want us to help their teens get those hours in needed for Segment 2 or the Road Test.

    • Segment 2 requires 30 hours of drive time before attending the class.
    • The Road Test requires 50 hours of driving.  Ten of those hours have to be at night.
    • LIFE Driving Academy offers 2, 6, 10, and 24 hour packages. See pricing


    Without a Current License

    First things first.  There are a few things that need to be done if you are over 18 and don’t have a current license.

    • Get ready for a test to acquire a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP).
    • LIFE Driving Academy can supply you with the study guides for the test.
    • We have all the information you need to know all the steps at this Link

    You Have a Current License

    You have a license but not from the USA.  Maybe you lost your license for whatever reason and you need to get it back and improve your driving skills.

    • If you are new to the country and need to get a Michigan drivers license you came to the right place
    • LIFE Driving Academy will help you learn the laws and help you past your test.
    • We have more information you will need to know at this link.

    Assessment Skills Test

    Driving independence is key at any age, especial for those that have been driving for years and now driving is become a challenge.

    • Senior citizens often don’t have a chance to prove they can still safely drive.  Allow us to help make that assessment for you.
    • Sometimes people go through a physical life change and driving becomes more challenging.  We will help assess new ways that may improve your ability to drive.
    • See Pricing
  • Requirements


    Minimum Age: 14 yrs / 9 months

    Maximum Age: Under 18


    Must have permission from parent or legal guardian.


    Must have one of these:

    • Segment 1 certificate
    • State-issued Level 1 License (aka permit)
    • State-issued Level 2 License
  • Points To Remember


    • Be sure you have the teens certificate, Level 1 or Level 2 License to show the instructor.
    • Your teen must be at least 14 years, 9 months to begin a Private Lesson.
    • All drives are 2 hour segment or more.  There will be a recommend 5-10 minute brake during the drive to stretch out, go to the bathroom, get something to drink or whatever is necessary to insure safe driving detraction free driving.
    • Your teen will be one-on-one with instructor.
    • Please notify us if your teen has any physical or medical conditions that might affect his or her classroom or driving instruction.
    • If you need your teen to be picked up and dropped off at home be sure to select the correct package.
    • The Driver Education Segment 1 Certificate of Completion is not a permit to drive and cannot be treated as a driver’s license.
    • If teen requires contacts or glasses, be sure they have them on during the drive.
    • If it is a sunny day it is recommended to have sunglasses.


Choose Your Package
  • Behind-the-wheel Lessons
  • Driving Test Assessment/Advice
  • State Driving Skills Test Study Guide
  • Pickup | Drop-off*

    $15 fee for each pickup à la carte. If outside 7 mile radius $6 per-mile charge for pickup.

  • Mock Parking Test*

    Mock test is done within the hours purchesed and can be done multiple times if you would like.

  • Mock Driving Skills Test*

    Mock test is done within the hours purchesed and can be done multiple times if you would like.

  • Magnet Set
    "NEW DRIVER ..."*

    A set of 3 magnets that say, "NEW DRIVE | BE KIND". To be used on both sides of your vehicle and the back.

6 Hrs Basic

$495Starts At
  • 6 Hours
  • Optional

10 Hrs Enhanced

$795Starts At
  • 10 Hours
  • Optional
SAVE $100

18 Hrs Enhanced

$1404Starts At
  • 18 Hours
  • Optional
SAVE $200

24 Hrs Enhanced

$1824Starts At
  • 24 Hours
  • Optional