Getting to Know Life Driving Academy

What We Believe



Steered by faith to provide an extraordinary education through the hands of a caring team of professionals who empower students to be safe and confident drivers.



Increase the level of safety amongst our communities by meeting all students’ needs in driver’s education with excellence, honoring God, by those that love to teach.



We were created to be extraordinary!



Every student receives an extraordinary driver’s education in a safe, inspiring environment with caring people.

Our Core Values

  • Colossians 3:23

    work with all your heart as unto the Lord.

  • Family

    … a safe and caring place to be.

  • We > Me

    think outside of yourself and understand you are part of a team.

  • Be Proactive

    act, don’t react.

  • Be Intentional

    do things right the first time.

  • No Gossip

    send up rather than tear down.

  • Break the Norm

    leave the ordinary behind; go above and beyond.

  • Good Reputation

    the key to perpetual success.

  • Be Generous

    look for opportunities to give from your heart.

What Makes Life Driving Academy So Awesome!?

Safety First

Wranglers are one of the safest driver education vehicles out there.  Bigger is better in this case.

7 Camera System

LDA is the ONLY driver’s education company in Michigan that has a 7 camera vehicle system that monitors its surroundings to keep everyone safe from mistakes.

Clean & Cared For

We keep our vehicles clean inside and out. We take pride in our Wranglers. We invest a lot of money in these vehicles, so we’re going to take care of them.

Teens Love Them

Over the years of asking teens what car they would love to drive and what color they would want that car, the white Jeep Wrangler was the winner.

Weather Conditions

With 4 wheel drive, our vehicles allow us to easily and safely drive throughout the whole year without any issues.

  • Designed by Parents

    Over the years, dozens of parents have shared their positive and negative experiences with different driving schools, unfortunately more negative than positive. Collecting their ideas of what would make a better and safer school, we ended up forming Life Driving Academy (LDA). The ideas and opinions of those parents have been put into action, and our ears are still open to listening. LDA is not perfect, but we are on the way to becoming the best.

  • Influenced by Police

    The owner of LDA worked with the police department and served as a Chaplain with our local police department for many years. Learning through the eyes of law enforcement gives students a great perspective of what the police think regarding the way people drive, in addition to what they are looking for to make the roads safe. We invite the local police department to come speak to our classes and share. When the police can participate, it is great! We highly encourage parents of students that may work in ANY area of law enforcement to come in and share with our students about their experiences.

  • Loved by Teens

    In-car instructors will make or a break a student’s experience. LDA has hired drivers that have a great repour with students. Our interview process is not like other driving schools; we interview more than just the instructor. We get great feedback all the time, we love it!

    Driving with thousands of teens allowed the opportunity to survey what they thought would be the top vehicle of choice for driver’s education, and a white Jeep Wrangler was by far the WINNER!

  • Enjoyed by Instructors

    Some people go to work and wish they had a different job. LDA thrives on getting feedback from our instructors to make their experience a good one, too. Our Wranglers are like a dream come true for instructors. As of now, there is NO other company we know of that has gone out of their way to make their instructors’ jobs easier and safer. For one, we have the BEST vehicle to keep both instructors and students safe! Next, we have a camera system that allows the instructor to see all around the vehicle simultaneously which makes it super easy to teach and keep the stress level down at the same time.

  • Inspired by God

    Give credit where credit is due. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the still, small voice that came from a loving God that told the owner to start a driver’s education company which can provide a godly influence in and outside the car.

    LDA plans mission trips for teens and parents into third world countries to have an experience of a lifetime. “Shane, everything you do, do it as though you are doing it for Me. Always strive to be the best in what you do and run LDA with integrity.”

  • Recommended by You

    Learning to drive is a milestone of every teen’s life.  LDA is more than just a driver’s education company. It is a place where “learning to drive becomes one of the best milestone experiences ever.”  We know there are those that complain about everything and will complain about LDA as well, but our desire is that even those people will be blessed. We hope that you will have a great experience with LDA as well and recommend us to others.

    We are not perfect, so we know there is always room for growth. We want you to be honest in letting us know if there is something we can learn or improve from your experience if it is not a good one. We appreciate you!