Life Driving Academy is 1 of the ONLY companies in Michigan that is certified in Behind the Wheel With ADHD! We invest in our staff so they can better serve the needs of students with different learning challenges.



Our experience with the University of Michigan Neurological Research Center driving with teens with ADD, ADHD, and Autism led us to have programs designed special for teens with these learning differences. Life Driving Academy’s training and staff is one of a kind when it comes to working with teens with different challenges.



The truth is there are adults with ADD, ADHD, and Autism that have struggled to find a driving school that understands their situation with their fight to get a license. Life Driving Academy helps adults to obtain their permit, teach them to drive, and help them past their driving test so they can become independent.


Time flies, and now the thought of driver’s education is a real thing. Just the thought of them getting behind the wheel is scary enough, especially if they have cognitive, emotional, or other learning challenges. Fear not! You are at the right place to help them to be set up for success in learning to drive!

Specialized Driver's Education Programs

We have developed specialized driver’s education programs for teen and adult students with ADD and ADHD. For teens, these classes are in a small group setting with a special parent time to talk about the process and express any concerns. For adults, we offer classes to pass the TIP test, then move on to private one-on-one drives.


The Benifits | The Difference

The teen ADHD program goes above and beyond the standard Segment 1 requirements. This program is tailored specifically for teens with ADHD and their parents.

  1. Class is IN PERSON!
  2. Class is limited to only 12 students
  3. Parent Day on the first day
  4. Minimum 10 hours of drives and observations
  5. A set of car magnets or bumper stickers
  6. A special tips and tricks session with parents, students, and our instructor last day of class
  7. * Parent Webinar by Dr. Gayle Sweeney
  8. * Segment 2 class included
  9. * Additional 2 hours of drives and observations
  10. * Best of all, ride-along with your teen to learn live tips and tricks from our instructor

* Included in ADHD Segment 1 Super Package Only

  • About the ADHD Parent Webinar

    Parent Webinar by Dr. Gayle Sweeney

    Behind the Wheel with ADHD is presented in 3 modules, lasting 50 minutes each.

    Module 1 – Foundations

    Learn why your ADHD teen faces serious risks in driver safety not encountered by his/her peers. While many driving skills are thought to be acquired naturally for most, we now know that for drivers with ADHD and other executive functioning deficits, these skills need to be integrated into a program that provides specific skills training and creates new cognitive routines. We share what we have learned from the professionals and from ongoing research.

    Module 2 – Parenting strategies for novice teen drivers with ADHD

    In this module we offer specific information on the most serious challenges to driving skill and traffic safety encountered by teens who have ADHD or other learning differences. We offer tools, strategies, and recommendations on how you as parents can coach your teen through this important training experience and keep them safe behind the wheel.

    Module 3 – Recommedation and resources from the professionals

    Finally, we offer you an in-depth presentation of useful resources and recommendations from  professionals parents can use to help implement the strategies we suggest for enhancing the driver training experience for novice teen drivers with ADHD. We include take-aways for the important documents / templates that we recommend and professionals use.

  • Segment 1 Overview


    • 14 years, 8 months of age
    • Permission of parent/guardian


    • Driver’s education providers who are certified to
      teach teens

    Minimum Course Content

    • 24 hours of classroom instruction
    • 6 hours behind-the-wheel driving experience
    • 4 hours of observation time in a training vehicle


    • May drive only with a driver’s education instructor, unless the school has issued a limited parent driving permit

Segment 1 Drive Time Comparison

Segment 1 Basic

ADHD Segment 1

ADHD Super Segment 1

Segment 1 Observation Time Comparison

Segment 1 Basic

ADHD Segment 1

ADHD Super Segment 1

Students Per Class

Segment 1 Basic

ADHD Segment 1

ADHD Super Package ONLY

Parent Webinar by Dr. Gayle Sweeney

Parent ride-along tips and tricks

Segment 2 Included


The Benifits | The Difference

The adult ADHD program is tailored specifically for adults with ADHD and those that might be helping out. Life Driving Academy has individual classes and private drives to help adults with ADHD and/or Autism succeed in obtaining their license. If you do not have a Temporary Instruction Permit (TIP) to drive, we can help you study for the test and get you on your way. Once you have the TIP, we can schedule drives with one of our ADHD certified instructors and get you on the road safely and successfully.

The link below will take you to the adult page to sign up for lecture and/or drives.


These are the basic steps from start to finish that need to be done:

  • Step 1 – Get a TIP to legally start driving with a driver’s education company and other licensed adults (21+)
  • Step 2 – Purchase private drives to begin learning how to drive
  • Step 3 – Drive with other licensed adults (21+) to get more practice
  • Step 4 – Drive a minimum of 60 hours of drive time, then evaluate if ready for driving test
  • Step 5 – Come back to LDA for an evaluation and test practice
  • Step 6 – Take your driving test
  • Step 7 – Celebrate! You got your license!