Level 3 License

Although the Level 3 License carries no state-imposed restrictions, you may continue to place limits you feel necessary on your teen’s driving privileges. Your teen is eligible for a Level 3 License if he or she is at least 17 years old, has held a Level 2 License for at least six months and has been crash- and violation-free during the prior 12 months.

Learn More About Level 3 License

You do not have to go to a Secretary of State branch office to obtain a Level 3 License. Your teen will automatically progress to a Level 3 License when he or she meets the Level 3 criteria shown above. The Level 3 License will be mailed to your teen’s address on file with the Secretary of State.

Once the Level 3 License is issued, you may decide to restrict it to a Level 2 or Level 1 License. You may also cancel the Level 3 License if you believe your teen is not ready for restricted or unrestricted driving privileges. You will need to go to a Secretary of State branch office, surrender your teen’s license and sign a form to restrict or cancel it.

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    • Teen is at least 17 years old
    • Held Level 2 License for six months
    • Must be violation- and suspension-free, and have no at-fault crashes for 12 consecutive months prior to applying for the Level 3 License


    • With parent/guardian approval at Level 2, the Level 3 License is automatically mailed to teen
    • If approval was not given, parent/guardian and teen must go to a Secretary of State branch office


    • No fee is required
    • No state-imposed license restrictions
    • Parent or guardian may restrict or cancel the license
  • Points to Remember

    • Discuss your Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract with your teen. You have the right to restrict your teen’s driving activities when necessary.
    • Your teen will automatically advance to a Level 3 License unless you inform the Secretary of State otherwise.
    • You may restrict or cancel your teen’s Level 3 License.
    • GDL ends for teens when they turn 18, no matter what licensing level they have achieved.
    • Teens exiting GDL may still be subject to probationary requirements. Probation does not automatically end at age 18.